mercoledì 29 gennaio 2014

FB meets The golden poppy

Today i wanna talk about a cute and delicious vegan bakery based in Rimini and named: ''The Golden Poppy''. I found it thanks to a ''diy'' event organized in a social center in Rimini, which because of exams i couldn't join. :( So i decided to write to this bakery and ask for some cupcakes, i love cupcakes or better i love any kind of sweets expecially if they are cruelty free.

For the motto: '' a picture is worth a thousand words'' ( i hope it works in english too :P) here some pics of the cute cupcakes and the amazing cake I ordered fro my mum's birthday:

soft fruits, chocolate and strawberry, lemon and chocolate and coffee <3

Amazing chocolate cake with vanilla vegan cream and strawberries *-*

And this is the cute package of The Golden Poppy with theirbusiness card and a vegan cookies recipe, i have to try as soon as possible!!

If you want to contact them and eat some tasty pastry without any guilt here the links of the Facebook and Tumblr pages!!

venerdì 24 gennaio 2014


In this period i have no time to do anythinh but study,study and then study again! Here a quick post about an outfit i wore some weekes ago, it is based on the classic punkgirl colors: pink and black and a supercute bag with an heart shape!
 Enjoy the weekend

giovedì 16 gennaio 2014

Walk of fame

I'm very busy these days, i have lots of exams and i'm a typical desperate student living in pijama, but i need to dream i bit so look back to my pics of my travel in the US and i choose these about our day wondering Hollywood and the walk of fames. I put in this post also pics from another outfit, always with the cat-theme as the one in LA. I love cats i think i'll become an old woman that feeds lots of catson day, i saved a little cat (Kiwi is her name) also this summer and i'm really proud of it :) by the way we were talking about fashion and in my last number of ''Elle'' i read an article about the cat-trend, i don't like to follow trends, but this time i really like 'cause i'm able to find cat-hats, bags, socks and tees!
By the way the weeknd it's coming (finally) saturday i'll go to an huge festival of icecream cakes and so on and i'm really excited so stay tuned for new posts!
If you want to read the whole travel in the US go to our travel-blog here the link: Dream pictures

Outfit in LA:
no brand coat and tee (i brought in in a flea market in London)
H&M black top
Calzedonia leggins
AllStar sneakers
Yury bag

Cat-outfit at home
Vintage dress
Forever 21 collar
H&M hat
vintage tights
Yury bag
Boots from a flea market as the coat (faux fur)

venerdì 10 gennaio 2014

Winter sea

I was born by the sea and of course i love it and i can't imagine to live without it, so i love to walk on the beach also during winter and this cozy and confortable outfit is perfect to do it :) The thing that i prefer on this putfit it's my new bag a beautiful Xmas present! So have a nice weekend everyone i'll study the whole weekend so yours will be of course better than mine!
 Yes as a little girl i went to the Cinema (with this outfit :D) to see Frozen and i really loved it, so cute an the dress of the Ice queen was totally amazing i want to dress up like her at carnival!!!

Benetton shirt
Rossella carrara faux fur
H&M hat
Vintage sweater
Zara trousers
Les Envers bag