giovedì 24 aprile 2014

Pink heads plus cakes

That's my outfit for the sunday lunch, the masterpiece is my Tarina Taraintino necklace form the pinkhead collection, i love it so much <3

Ok we're near the end of the month and my bday was the 12th Aprile but i don't care, i like to pist these pics from such a nice day. During afternoon my boyfriend took me in an adventure park and we climb on trees and launch with the pulley, it was really fun also because we had the gopro with us and film everything there! :) I spent, insteadm the night with my friends enjoying a great pijama party (just for girls obviously) and the the day after i organized a great lunch with my whole family! It was a great weekend full of food, happyness, fun, presents and love! thanks everyone <3 xoxo

lunedì 7 aprile 2014

Fuck yeah!!!

Yes last month i finally graduated, it was the best day of my life 'cause i was reeeally tired to study international relations :P btw some pics from that day, with an amazing dress brought in the cutest shop of my hometown, then i'm dressed in an horrible way, but that was the trick my friends plyed to me, i had to play the role of a famous italian personal shopper, of course it was a jocke, Miccio not clothe ever so! :) enjoy mypics and the new week just began!! xoxo